Mama Mia…It’s Meatball Monday

24 thoughts on “Mama Mia…It’s Meatball Monday”

    1. You can definitely put it on a slow simmer for about the same time, and then put the last of the cheese on after serving and let it melt a little.


  1. Made these tonight and my whole family RAVED about them. Even my extremely picky son who doesn’t care for meat ate them. They were delicious. I used a mixture of half ground beef half ground pork because that’s what I had on hand. So good.


  2. In the meatball recipe it calls for 2 cups of water. In the meatball instructions step 3 says add 4 cups of water. Which one is correct?


  3. You’re welcome! After I added the second cup I knew it was only 2 cups. There’s no way it would have taken 4 😀 They were delicious! Thanks for the recipe


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