Pizza Bar Style Pizza

12 thoughts on “Pizza Bar Style Pizza”

    1. I love the mozzarella crust best..I use I use 3 cups moz.add garlic powder,onion powder,and Italian seasoning,then 1/3 cup of coconut flower..Putin micro and melt not all the way bring it out and it’s like dough.kneaf it spread it out on parchment,heat a round baking stone ,place it on a hot stone ,place in I’ve and bake about 20 min.pop bubbles.bring it out and put your Keto friendly goodies on top,place back in oven till it browns aroun edges.thank you Melissa for having me hunt for recipes.we love this..


    1. I haven’t personally but I don’t see any reason why not….I WOULD advise to use pre grated cheese though, even though it does have some fillers it will help stabilize the cheese when it heats up.
      Please let us know how it turns out with a different cheese. Very interested to find out!


  1. This maybe a dumb question, but it says to add all Ingredients together. But isn’t the sauce left off for the topping? Or are we adding that to the other ingredients to make the crust like you listed?


  2. Once again, I am impressed!!! I have been on keto for years and I just haven’t found that pizza crust that satisfied my pizza craving. Look no furher, here it is. Amazing!!!


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