Texas Style Chili

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      1. Naive question, what is your recommendation for serving size so that I can plan my macros?

  1. I just made this chili, I can honestly say it is the most flavorful Keto meal I have made since starting this journey mid-April! I didn’t have enough bone broth, so I used chicken bone broth also.
    I doubled the recipe to feed my lg family.

  2. So if I wanted to triple this recipe is it just as easy as tripling all the ingredients or is it more complicated than that ?

    1. Hi Tim, yes you can, maybe just reserve some of the seasoning and some of the stock, and taste as you go along and adjust the seasoning and liquid….you don’t want it too liquid or too salty either….but I’ve doubled it with no problems. Let us know how you go with it!

  3. Could you possibly make a link to the recipe for gat can be printed? It’s hard to follow when your phone keeps going dark and you have to put your code in so you can get back to the recipe

  4. I made your chili today and the flavors were amazing! Great combination of spices. I served it with Neisha’s cornbread which was also a new recipe for me. Both are winners for sure!

    1. Yes green bell pepper or capsicum if you’re Australian. However, if you like it spicier feel free to use fresh jalapeno or poblano.
      For the pork, any boneless cut is fine, we used a boneless pork chops in this recipe and diced it into 1/2 inch cubes.

  5. Being a Texasnative, born and breed I am going to try your take on chili this weekend. In my non keto days I have no problem with beans sometime in my chili, it just makes a dish heartier.

  6. Made this recipe using ground pork in place of cubed pork. AWESOMENESS! This was easy and satisfying – didn’t miss the beans at all. I liked that I could eat chili without the gas later, lol. But seriously, fantastic recipe. Look forward to trying others.

  7. I’m going to make this today:). The link for the fish sauce isn’t working. Can you tell me what kind you recommend?

  8. I’ll need to double this next time so we have more for chili dogs😜
    Even my picky nephew loved this. Neisha’s “corn bread” was the perfect side…I added shredded pepper jack to it…Great Sunday supper for Superbowl!!!
    I’m a fan!!! 💕

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