Panera Style Broccoli Cheddar Soup

6 thoughts on “Panera Style Broccoli Cheddar Soup”

    1. Sorry about that Sandy…it’s 3 cups of florets, then chopped into pieces. Thx for pointing that out…its also been corrected in the recipe.


  1. Question about the cheese–having a hard time finding the block version of Land O’Lakes. How much in ounces do you use?


    1. Hi Judy, thanks for stopping by. With all of our recipes we recommend using Carb Manager for your Macros, as different brands of the same ingredient can contain a vastly different amount of carbohydrates.
      Often enough people like to swap out our sweetener for theirs and also add and subtract ingredients to their own likes and dislikes.
      “SERVING SIZE” perception can also be vastly different from one person to another.
      And personally through my own experience, I barely believe most peoples macros when they put them online, I always run everything through a macro calculator myself.


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