Lemon Curd

13 thoughts on “Lemon Curd”

  1. I came from Neisha’s recent video where her Dad is eating this with a raspberry fluff? Do you have the recipe for the raspberry fluff that can go with this curd? Looks yummy!


  2. It took me about a year to screw up my courage to make this recipe. I thought about all that could go wrong… I don’t have a glass bowl so I used metal…I didn’t want lemon scrambled eggs etc. Yesterday I went into Dunkin for my regular cup of coffee and noticed the “new” lemon cake on the menu. I love lemon things. So I came home and I pulled out everything except the butter and got started. It was so easy. Of course when I licked the bowl after putting it into the little jars into the fridge WOW was it lemony. Today I made whipped cream (who AM I?) and added that to half a serving of the curd with a few blueberries. And in that first taste moment I was taken back to my favorite Italian restaurant that is now defunct and their Lemon Lust Pie. (that they got from a localish bakery/bake shop) The only thing missing was the crust. And that was never really part of my joy of the dish, my joy was the lemon and the whipped cream. Thank you so much Melissa. I can make custards who knew?!


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