Arroz Con Pollo

5 thoughts on “Arroz Con Pollo”

  1. Found you through Neisha Love’s It vlogs! So happy I did! I am a pretty no-cheat ketovore and my husband is a reluctant keto man. He eats what I make and helps me make it but gets bored easily. I like to be able to try new things and switch it up. I honestly have felt like my cooking of only meat (I try to avoid veg but I LOVE the idea of mixing it up for him and I always try a little if I make it) has made me feel like I am a bad cook or something because I just can’t do much other than grill, smoke, or pan fry when I am making just meat. Thank you so much! God bless your efforts!


    1. The best recipes often come from necessity!
      For a lot of people, variety is what keeps them on the straight and narrow. We always have to remember, that even though a certain dish may have a an extra carb or 2 due to the vegetables, it’s still a lot better than caving in and going down to Mc-Wendy-Kings.
      So glad our blog gives you and your husband a few extra choices.
      Thank you for writing in!


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