14 thoughts on “Jambalaya”

  1. I see rotel in the ingredients but not in the instructions. Do you add that when adding the stock? Thank you!

  2. I don’t have a microwave. any timing tips on cooking the cauliflower rice in a pot or steamer ? thanks

  3. This was such a fantastic dish!!! I recently found your site and boy, I’m so happy I did. My son who HATES cauliflower ate this (little fun that it was a new rice)! The only change was that I added chicken and omitted the crawfish tails (I live in cold Pennsylvania folks). Keeper recipe! I am curious if we can freeze it?

    1. That is Awesome that everyone liked it…and chicken and sausage Jambalaya is every bit as legit as a crawfish Jambalaya. Should be able to freeze like any stew dish, the cauliflower rice may go a little mushy on reheating though. So maybe just account for that.

  4. Thank you! I’ll try freezing it and see how it goes. Also, sorry for the editing error: (little fun that it was a new rice) should have been, (little fib that I told was it was a new kind of rice). 😉

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