Caramel Apple Sauce

This Caramel Apple Sauce is a Holiday staple in our house!!We drizzle it on top of whipped cream or Keto Ice Cream, we use it in our Caramel Apple Bark recipe, coat the inside of a glass when you’re making a frappe, drizzle it on top of a cake for some extra wow factor!!And the … Continue reading Caramel Apple Sauce


If you haven’t noticed by my blog posts and COOKING KETO WITH FAITH FACEBOOK PAGE posts, ” I AM A COFFEE FANATIC!! ” We have so many Coffee machines, Coffee related gadgets and gizmos, and Coffee signs around the house, it ain’t funny! I need help!!But what I’ve been really missing with a coffee lately … Continue reading Biscotti

Strawberry Shake

5 INGREDIENTS, 5 MINUTES AND 3 EASY STEPS “Is all you need for this insanely tasty Strawberry Shake” Best of all it’s 100% keto friendly. INGREDIENTS: 2     cups crushed ice 1     cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk * 1     cup heavy whipping cream 1    cup blended strawberry puree (recipe below) 2    … Continue reading Strawberry Shake