Lemon Ricotta Pound Cake

A Delicious, Refreshing snack to enjoy with your Coffee, Lemonade or Sweet Tea. I used to love going to traditional Italian Coffee Bars where they would serve the nicest, citrusy cakes.I noticed that most of their snacks and cakes all had one thing in common……Ricotta!!It seems to be an ingredient that the Italians have used … Continue reading Lemon Ricotta Pound Cake

Strawberry Shortcake

As promised, another quick, refreshing summery treat. An American classic, that you can assemble in under 10 minutes. SHORTCAKE INGREDIENTS: 3      TBSP almond flour 1      tsp stevia/erythritol blend sweetener 1/2  tsp baking powder 1     egg lightly beaten 1     TBSP butter (melted) 1     tsp vanilla extract SHORTCAKE INSTRUCTIONS: Place … Continue reading Strawberry Shortcake


Tiramisu a coffee lovers dessert of desserts. In Italian tiramisu literally means “pick me up/cheer me up“. That’s what this dessert promises, and that’s exactly what it delivers! Creamy, Luxurious, not overly sweet and laced with coffee, that’s MY KIND OF DESSERT! For the base, we used a sweetened 90 second bread to create the … Continue reading Tiramisu

Apple Spice Cake

Apple picking, a family favorite fall tradition.  Spending the day with your loved ones, enjoying the crisp air, a hayride to the apple orchard, and snacking on a variety of crisp apples as you’re picking them off the tree.  The anticipation on the car ride home, thinking of all the different apple recipes you can … Continue reading Apple Spice Cake

Biscuits And Gravy

This morning the family woke up with a hankering (craving) for good ol’ biscuits and gravy, the quintessential southern breakfast dish.  So for any of our International Followers, or even for those who may live above the Mason-Dixon line in the United States, who might be thinking, “What the heck is a biscuit and gravy?”…..well… I’m … Continue reading Biscuits And Gravy