Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad

A super easy, super quick chicken salad, that you can either use as a side for a meal (perfect as a picnic side for hot dogs or any grilled meats), or inside a keto approved sandwich; I particularly like to eat it on it’s own as a little snack when i’m peckish, but not ready … Continue reading Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad

Arroz Con Pollo

Arroz Con Pollo is basically a latin chicken and rice dish.It’s popular everywhere from Spain, to Mexico, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, but none take this dish more seriously than Puerto Rico!Every Latin family’s Abuela has their own recipe and hand me down secrets, but this is OUR keto interpretation of this classic dish, based on … Continue reading Arroz Con Pollo

Kung Pao Chicken

On our last blog we posted a recipe for CHINESE FRIED RICE ,and the response was fantastic.  Thank you so much for supporting our blog. So continuing with our “Favorite Take Out Food Recipes” series;  Today we are re-creating one of our MOST REQUESTED recipes.  KUNG PAO CHICKEN. Now I’ve tried a lot of Keto … Continue reading Kung Pao Chicken