Marbled Bacon Pecan Chocolate Bark

I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, “THE HOLIDAYS” always have me wanting to snack and pick on all the festive goodies. The secret for me is to always have a good balance of sweet and savory snacks laying around, to keep me out of the danger zone.This particular treat is going to … Continue reading Marbled Bacon Pecan Chocolate Bark


If you haven’t noticed by my blog posts and COOKING KETO WITH FAITH FACEBOOK PAGE posts, ” I AM A COFFEE FANATIC!! ” We have so many Coffee machines, Coffee related gadgets and gizmos, and Coffee signs around the house, it ain’t funny! I need help!!But what I’ve been really missing with a coffee lately … Continue reading Biscotti

Lemon Curd Pie

You’re going to love the light refreshing Taste Of Summer!!We’ve had so much positive feedback on our Lemon Curd Recipe, that we’ve decided to turn into a Summery Dessert Pie. And as always we’re keeping it Super Easy, Super Quick…well besides the wait time on cooling it down in the refrigerator. This one is sure … Continue reading Lemon Curd Pie