Barbecue Chicken Pizza

One of my favorite pre keto fast food indulgences was a Pizza Hut Barbecue Chicken Pizza.The tangy, yet sweet BBQ Sauce, the freshness from the red onions and green peppers, the saltiness from the bacon, and the star of the show, the seasoned grilled chicken. Well….I thought that since my Hubby loves grilling on his … Continue reading Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Chili Meatballs

Mexican/Italian fusion at it’s finest. We love making meatballs, and it’s on our meal prep rotation every week, we are also coming into Chili season, and we thought…..WHY NOT??However, we haven’t just stuck meatballs in our Chili, we’ve reimagined the Italian meatball with mexican spices, and obviously left the meat out of our Chili Base. … Continue reading Chili Meatballs

Chicken Saltimbocca

Chicken Saltimbocca is a classic Italian dish that literally means “JUMP IN THE MOUTH“, and that is exactly what this dish does. Saltimbocca is almost like an Italian version of Cordon Bleu. It’s a chicken cutlet thinly pounded and filled with a slice of prosciutto, a sage leaf and a slice of provolone cheese. Then … Continue reading Chicken Saltimbocca