Here is a Keto/Low carb twist on the old classic retro dish “TUNA CASSEROLE“This hearty dish is super quick and easy to make, and is a perfect meal to add to your weeknight menu.We’ve replaced the pasta with a great low carb/keto alternative (the ingredients are pretty clean) and we’ve subbed out the cream of … Continue reading TUNA BAKE

Tuna Salad

There’s not a lot to say about this except that it is a Fantastic, Simple “Meal Prep Idea” kind of recipe.This time of year we can all tend to be incredibly busy, and this is a fast and versatile recipe to have on hand.Use it in anything from a sandwich made with keto bread, fill … Continue reading Tuna Salad

Big Mac Sauce

We’ve had numerous requests for a Keto Clone of the famous Big Mac Sauce.So here it is!! It’s fantastic on burgers, grilled chicken, and I’ve been using it to make a Big Mac Salad Bowl. Everything you need to make this sauce is probably sitting in your refrigerator and pantry.Super Simple, made in less than … Continue reading Big Mac Sauce