Chocolate Mousse Pie With Peppermint Cream

If you loved our Pumpkin Silk Pie that we published at Thanksgiving, then you’re going to REALLY LOVE this decadent Chocolate Mousse Pie. Light as a feather rich chocolate mousse, topped with a refreshing peppermint cream – flavors that sing the CHRISTMAS SEASON!! PIE CRUST INGREDIENTS: 3/4 Cup almond flour 3/4 Cup coconut flour 1/2 Cup butter … Continue reading Chocolate Mousse Pie With Peppermint Cream

Chicken Boscaiola Bake

Chicken Boscaiola is a hearty chicken dish that was invented in Tuscany; Boscaiola is what they call a “Woodsman’s Wife” in Italy. In the colder months, this dish was made from the ingredients that were available in the woods at that time, especially “Mushrooms”, which were generally wild mushrooms like porcini and hen of the … Continue reading Chicken Boscaiola Bake

Pumpkin Silk Pie

If you’re looking for a great tasting dessert to keep you on track this Holiday Season; then look no further than our PUMPKIN SILK PIE!! The great thing about this dessert, is that it gets made with simple ingredients, no stress, and can be prepared in 15 minutes flat.Not only that, you can make it … Continue reading Pumpkin Silk Pie