Fried Green Tomatoes

This is more of an “IDEA”, per se, than a recipe.A lot of people write in and ask us for more Breakfast options, because they are tired of the standard  Bacon and Eggs, and some people also don’t want to go too Carb Heavy, to venture into Pancakes and Waffles.So here is a happy medium … Continue reading Fried Green Tomatoes

Eggs In Purgatory

Besides Eggs Benedict, this is my husbands favorite “Brekky” (breakfast), as he would say in Australia.  It’s unknown as to whether it’s called Eggs in Purgatory because the red marinara sauce looks like molten lava or because the red pepper flakes give it a spicy kick…..Either way, this breakfast dish is simple and delicious!! For … Continue reading Eggs In Purgatory