Barbecue Bologna

“Oklahoma Prime Rib”, “Tennessee Tenderloin” “BBQ Tube Steak”Just a few names for the humble and inexpensive “Barbecue Bologna“.I must say, I am not generally a fan of bologna….period!!However after visiting a BBQ Joint in Nashville where this was the star of the show, I kinda’ changed my mind! It was actually very tasty when prepared … Continue reading Barbecue Bologna


I absolutely ADORE fresh guacamole!I wasn’t kidding when I said I could literally eat a bowl of it to myself for dinner.I have tried soooo many recipes for guacamole, it’s not funny. What I have found is that I like them more on the traditional rustic side. Larger chunks of avocado, real fresh lime juice, … Continue reading Guacamole

20 Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Here are 20 great recipes that will fit right into your Cinco De Mayo celebration.Not all of them are 100% Traditional Mexican, but they will bring the same flavors and flare. ARMADILLO EGGS ARROZ CON POLLO CHICKEN AND SHRIMP FAJITA PLATE CHILI CHILI MEATBALLS CHIPOTLE CHICKEN CILANTRO RICE HUEVOS RANCHEROS PAELLA QUESO DIP ROASTED POBLANO … Continue reading 20 Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Chicken Francese

Chicken Francese is an Italian-American dish of thin chicken cutlets coated in a very light batter of flour and eggs and cooked in a light sauce made with white wine, butter and lemon juice.There is also another popular version called Chicken Piccata, which is made the same way, but also includes capers in the sauce. … Continue reading Chicken Francese