Potluck Chicken Bake

POTLUCKSWe’ve all been to them! Whether at a family or church function.I have fond memories of scouting the table for what looked like the tastiest dish, and casseroles and bakes were always my favorite ones. As you would know, these bakes and casseroles were always loaded with a ton of carbs. However in this delicious … Continue reading Potluck Chicken Bake

Quick Mixed Berry Cobbler

Cobbler Topping Ingredients: 1 3/4 cups almond flour – cannot use almond meal 3/4 cup vanilla whey protein powder 3/4 cup buttermilk substitute – see KITCHEN TIP below 1/2 cup of lard or butter (frozen) we prefer lard or manteca for this recipe 1/2 TBSP xanthan gum 1.5 TBSP Baking Powder – yes this is correct. Cobbler Topping Instructions: Take Lard/Butter out of the freezer and … Continue reading Quick Mixed Berry Cobbler


Well that super cold weather is really setting in now and my husband and I were discussing over coffee, how we’d really like to visit my Oldest Daughter soon… Well we live in Tennessee and my daughter, her husband and my 2 Grandchildren live in Louisiana. A little bit of a drive to say the … Continue reading Jambalaya

Breakfast Sausage

One of the staple ingredients in our home is BREAKFAST SAUSAGE.We not only use it for breakfast as a Sausage Patty, but we also crumble it up and use it in our omelets, frittata’s, scrambles and breakfast casseroles….Stay Tuned for our next recipe, where we are making Carnivore Sausage Balls, but you can also check … Continue reading Breakfast Sausage

Beef And Broccoli Stir Fry

First and foremost, “Happy New Year” everybody!We are very excited about this new year, and have a lot of excitingnew plans, including upping the content and amount of recipes on thisblog and even more videos on our YouTube Channel. This year our focus is about establishing and encouraging a Team Effortwith our blog family. We … Continue reading Beef And Broccoli Stir Fry

Candied Pecans

One thing our family loves to do at this time of year is go to the mall.Faith Rose is absolutely enamored by the mall at Christmas Time. All of the stores decorated in glittery Christmas decorations, the sounds of Christmas Songs being played over the lousy mall P.A. System….And the smell of roasted Candied Pecans … Continue reading Candied Pecans

Chocolate Mousse Pie With Peppermint Cream

If you loved our Pumpkin Silk Pie that we published at Thanksgiving, then you’re going to REALLY LOVE this decadent Chocolate Mousse Pie. Light as a feather rich chocolate mousse, topped with a refreshing peppermint cream – flavors that sing the CHRISTMAS SEASON!! PIE CRUST INGREDIENTS: 3/4 Cup almond flour 3/4 Cup coconut flour 1/2 Cup butter … Continue reading Chocolate Mousse Pie With Peppermint Cream