If you haven’t noticed by my blog posts and COOKING KETO WITH FAITH FACEBOOK PAGE posts, ” I AM A COFFEE FANATIC!! ” We have so many Coffee machines, Coffee related gadgets and gizmos, and Coffee signs around the house, it ain’t funny! I need help!!But what I’ve been really missing with a coffee lately … Continue reading Biscotti

Barbecue Pork On A Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread Waffle Bun

So as you know from our Slow Smoked Pork Ribs Blog we put up a couple of weeks ago,  My husband is OBSESSED with American Style Barbecue and smoking meat….So we treated him to an early FATHERS DAY PRESENTand bought him a Pit Boss Wood Pellet Smoker. Well he’s just as obsessed still, and we came up with a great … Continue reading Barbecue Pork On A Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread Waffle Bun

Antipasto Salad

Sometimes the best things are also the simplest!! This is more so a meal idea than a recipe as such.As you’ve probably noticed the last few blogs, I’ve been taking advantage of all the wonderful, fresh, in-season produce; And when you get produce at the peak of it’s freshness, you don’t have to do a … Continue reading Antipasto Salad

Asparagus Soup

This is a dish that is so simple and refreshing during these hot days, and at the same time I’m taking advantage of all the wonderful spring/summer fresh produce. Now this recipe, because of it’s simplicity, relies on the freshness and quality of the ingredients.The fresh asparagus is truly the star of the dish, with … Continue reading Asparagus Soup

Ricotta Gnocchi

So…. I miss gnocchi…..I really really miss gnocchi!!And yes, we’ve tried to make a few keto versions using the way too overused FATHEAD DOUGH.I’m sorry, but…..NO!!! If you enjoy chewing on chewy cheese that’s posing as gnocchi…then that’s fine, but it in no way reminds me of the homey, comforting, soft, pillowy light as a … Continue reading Ricotta Gnocchi