Broccoli Slaw

Broccoli salad is a dish that you will find on nearly every Church, Potluck and Picnic Table here in The South, and I absolutely love it!! However my daughter Faith, enjoys the flavor, but the large chunks of broccoli….Not so much.So I’ve decided to give this classic side dish, a little reinvention especially for her. … Continue reading Broccoli Slaw

Cajun Dirty Rice

With all this humid weather we’ve been having, it’s giving me some serious “LOUISIANA VIBES“.As I’ve previously mentioned in our JAMBALAYA RECIPE, my daughter, her husband and my 2 Grandchildren live in Louisiana. A little bit of a drive to say the least!!Which got me thinking about the delicious food in Louisiana…I absolutely love the melting … Continue reading Cajun Dirty Rice

Barbecue Bologna

“Oklahoma Prime Rib”, “Tennessee Tenderloin” “BBQ Tube Steak”Just a few names for the humble and inexpensive “Barbecue Bologna“.I must say, I am not generally a fan of bologna….period!!However after visiting a BBQ Joint in Nashville where this was the star of the show, I kinda’ changed my mind! It was actually very tasty when prepared … Continue reading Barbecue Bologna