Tex Mex Chicken Enchiladas

These Tex Mex Chicken Enchiladas taste like they are straight out of San Antonio.Seasoned shredded chicken, gooey melted cheese and topped with a super authentic Tex Mex Chili Gravy/Enchilada Sauce.The Chili Gravy/Enchilada Sauce is the same one I used in my Chile Rellenos Recipe, except I fortified it with a couple of teaspoons of tomato … Continue reading Tex Mex Chicken Enchiladas

Sticky Wings

Our last recipe for Crispy Skin Smoked Wings was a huge hit!…..But…..A lot of people don’t have a smoker, and with the Football season already upon us, Who doesn’t need another Chicken Wing recipe, Right?? These delicious wings are baked in the oven, and with a few simple techniques, you can still get amazingly crispy … Continue reading Sticky Wings

Chicken Francese

Chicken Francese is an Italian-American dish of thin chicken cutlets coated in a very light batter of flour and eggs and cooked in a light sauce made with white wine, butter and lemon juice.There is also another popular version called Chicken Piccata, which is made the same way, but also includes capers in the sauce. … Continue reading Chicken Francese