Taco Bell Inspired Mexican Pizza

It’s Cinco de Mayo in a few days, and even though this recipe is not a true representation of Mexican Food,it has a cult following amongst Taco Bell fans….Not to mention it has now been removed from their menu, which has sparked a lot of anger amongst its die hard followers. Although we are not … Continue reading Taco Bell Inspired Mexican Pizza

Arroz Con Pollo

Arroz Con Pollo is basically a latin chicken and rice dish. It’s popular everywhere from Spain, to Mexico, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, but none take this dish more seriously than Puerto Rico! Every Latin family’s Abuela has their own recipe and hand me down secrets, but this is OUR keto interpretation of this classic dish. … Continue reading Arroz Con Pollo

Queso Dip & Salsa

One of my biggest problems when I first started Keto was that I had always been a huge “SNACKER“.  I was always looking for something to pick on, and my favorite go to snack item was tortilla chips and salsa,  I would also switch it up from time to time with that delicious white queso … Continue reading Queso Dip & Salsa

Tamale Pie

The second installment of our “Easy Family Comfort Dishes” blog this week is Tamale Pie. And this would even be considered a one pan wonder. What is Tamale Pie…. For those who who are unfamiliar? Tamale Pie is ground beef, perfectly seasoned with Mexican spices, peppers, onions, and topped with cheese and a crispy cornbread … Continue reading Tamale Pie

Taco Tuesday

Do you ever wonder how Mexican restaurants get their taco meat to have a completely different taste and texture, to the stuff that we all seem to make at home? Well it was only after my husband worked at a Mexican restaurant, that he was able to observe a few simple tips and tricks that … Continue reading Taco Tuesday


In our last blog, we used a Hollandaise sauce to liven up foods with delicate flavors, like eggs or Asparagus.  In this blog we are going to focus on an Argentinian sauce called a Chimichurri. Chimichurri is a sauce generally made from Parsely, Cilantro, Oregano and garlic, and has a bold flavor that can stand … Continue reading Chimichurri