Grilled Chicken Pasta Alfredo

We’ve had a great lot of feedback from the 15 Minute Pasta Bake post we put up a little while ago.I’m glad you all liked the Liviva Brand Penne as much as we did. However, if that did not convince you, then this recipe will! I made this last night for the whole family, and … Continue reading Grilled Chicken Pasta Alfredo

Pesto Chicken

We’ve taken our delicious Pesto Sauce that we made the other day, and paired it with some delicious chicken cutlets and fresh Mozzarella Cheese!! And to top it off, we served it with our garlic butter slathered Italian Sciachiatta Bread.SUMMER ON A PLATE!! …..And it’s ridiculously easy to prepare! We’ve already made our Pesto Sauce, … Continue reading Pesto Chicken

Barbecue Mop Chicken

Smoky juicy meat, Sweet, Salty , Crispy Skin.I can’t think of a better meal to CELEBRATE OUR 100th BLOG POST!! INGREDIENTS: 9 Chicken Back Quarters Our Memphis Style BBQ Rub Our Carolina BBQ Sauce INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat smoker to 275F While the smoker is heating up, season the chicken quarters with our BBQ Rub. Meat side … Continue reading Barbecue Mop Chicken


Yes, there are Sugar free ketchups out there…..Some of them are good, but the list of ingredients to make them a commercial product aren’t ideal. Yes they are Low Carb, but not cleanest of ingredients for keto.Then we have the other spectrum, the ingredients are pretty clean, but it just doesn’t taste like good Ol’ … Continue reading Ketchup

Barbecue Pork On A Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread Waffle Bun

So as you know from our Slow Smoked Pork Ribs Blog we put up a couple of weeks ago,  My husband is OBSESSED with American Style Barbecue and smoking meat….So we treated him to an early FATHERS DAY PRESENTand bought him a Pit Boss Wood Pellet Smoker. Well he’s just as obsessed still, and we came up with a great … Continue reading Barbecue Pork On A Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread Waffle Bun