Tamale Pie

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  1. My only problem was that the cornbread mixture (even though I tripled the recipe) did not cover the meat mixture in the skillet..not even half. The cornbread mixture was very thick and didn’t spread well. Mine didn’t look like your picture. I’m wondering what I did wrong?

    1. So… there could be a few reasons…
      Did you use a 12″ skillet?
      Sometimes if you leave the cornbread mixture for too long it can get really thick. Coconut flour is super absorbent. So maybe make the cornbread mixture right before you put it on.
      Other than that i’m really not sure….some Almond Flours can absorb differently (make sure it’s superfine blanched almond flour and not almond meal).
      I hope this helps!

  2. In step to it says add onions and peppers but they are not listed in ingredient list. How much of each?

      1. Thanks for the update! The fam cleaned their plates last night!! Do you use all of the taco seasoning ingredients in the recipe? Thanks again for sharing!

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