Taco Tuesday

9 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday”

  1. I’ve been perusing your recipes and downloading many of them. This one caught my eye about the Folio Cheese wraps, what a game changer to replace tortillas! My questions is: Do you prefer these over the EggLife Wraps for Mexican and other recipes too? These look like a healthier alternative to me if dairy isn’t an issue, as the Egglife wraps contain some less than desirable ingredients in them.

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    1. It really depends on what your making.
      For a crispy Old El Paso style taco, I like to use the Folios.
      For a Breakfast Burrito or Enchiladas, I prefer the egglife wrap for the texture.
      I did double check the ingredients on the egglife wraps, and I find them to be very clean. It was just :
      Egg whites, xanthan gum*, salt, natural flavor, nisin (natural preservative)
      Xanthan Gum sounds like a scary ingredient, but it really isn’t. And Nisin is just an amino found in healthy bacteria, it also acts as an anti inflammatory.


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