Everybody’s Falling For Fall Flavored Syrups

24 thoughts on “Everybody’s Falling For Fall Flavored Syrups”

    1. .45g (yep thats under a half a gram) per serving (2Tbspn) of the PUMPKIN SPICE SYRUP.
      And another 2g if you make the Latte the exact way I made it.
      So for the Pumpkin Spice Latte it’s a TOTAL of 2.45g Net Carbs per coffee.

      1. Great thank you, had did the calc myself as well so good to know I was on target. Did make PSL syrup, its wonderful, definitely scratches that
        Itch 🍁🍊👍

  1. Absolutely LOVED the pumpkin spice flavor. Excited to try salted caramel. Thank you so much for the time spent in creating delicious keto recipes, and for sharing. It makes keto living so much more enjoyable !

    1. Our personal favorite is the Chai Spice, its great in English Breakfast tea. Its a little more work than the others, but so worth it.
      The Salted Caramel goes Awesome with Starbucks or Stok black iced coffee, add a dash of heavy whipping cream…Game Changer!

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